Rose Eco Friendly Reed Diffuser

SKU: 1714

Eco-friendly Reed Diffuser focuses on minimalism and safety. The scent has been designed for simplicity and will open doors into the future under the world’s standard for safety and control of the International Fragrance Association (IFRA). The whole product is beautifully designed and made from environmentally friendly materials that look elegant without unnecessary components.


The packaging is made from 100% certified recycled paper, and we have replaced the traditional chemical ink with soy ink. For the  product to be fully recyclable, we choose glass to make our bottle as it is the best material for recycling in a long-term manner. The reed is made from natural rattan palm in which the farmers collect them and sell to us for additional income instead of throwing away.
And with all this, you can enjoy the true happiness of today while looking forward to the future of the world with care.

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