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Reed Diffuser 

Our reed diffusers delicately give your room fragrance and vitality.

All Yugen scents are meticulously crafted in a French perfume house

by the very best French perfumieres. Our carefully developed scents,

with ingredients sourced from all around the world, enrich your mind,

body and soul, encouraging happiness and positivity. 

Diffuser Oil 

Yugen's refill diffuser oil allows you to continue to use your original diffuser bottle for longer. Simply pour the refill oil into the reusable bottle from your first Yugen diffuser,then wait for your room to be transformed back into a positive living space.

Essential Oil

Yugen essential oils have been developed with

you in mind. Our essential oils help to balance

your mind, relax your senses and inspire positive thoughts. 

Aromatic Volcanic Stone

The Yugen aromatic volcanic stone is a stone originating from the extinct volcano found in the northern part of Thailand. 
Each stone has been crafted by a local artisan renowned for creating geometric, minimalistic designs.

Aromatic Massage Candle

Yugen's aromatic massage candles are made uniquely from natural soy beans and contain the active ingredients of Organic Inca Inchi oil, an enrichment of Vitamin E, and Omega 3, 6 and 9


Room Spray

Yugen's room spray enlightens a room with instant fragrance and vigour. Enliven any space with positivity and experience a revitalization of your senses. 


Massage Oil

Our Aromatic Bath & Massage oil has been meticulously blended with 100 % organic and natural ingredients of highly sought-after plant seed oils and essential oils. the exclusive blends of our essential oils will help you relax and find your peace of mine while our beneficial blend of plants oils will rejuvenate and deeply moisturize your skin.

Body Lotion

Our body lotion delicately moisturises and provides skin with a blend of vitamins and protective ingredients to improve your skin's appearance and health.
The main active ingredients are : Organic Inca Inchi Oil / Organic Argan Oil / Vitamin E / Shea Butter

Shower Gel

Our Shower Gels have been thoughtfully developed to enhance your shower time and enrich your senses.
The main active ingredients are : Organic Inca Inchi Oil / Organic Argan Oil / Vitamin E / Vitamin B3 

Hand Cream

Yugen's range of hand creams moisturise your hands keeping them soft and supple for the entire day. 
The main active ingredients are : Organic Inca Inchi Oil, Organic Argan Oil, Phytokeratin (an amino acid promoting healthy skin, hair and finger nails) and Vitamin B3


Aromatic Diffuser

Yugen’s Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser is the award winning design product with its modern and minimal concept. it’s convenient to use both in the room or the car with USB adapter. it also comes with 2 functions of aromatherapy and air humidifier.  it’s very easy to use with one switch and truly fit with any spaces.

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