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Feel More , Live More


Our authentic solutions combine the best of nature & science to deliver safe and genuine efficacy. Extracted from real flowers, plants, fruits, and woods, our scents are designed to awaken your senses. It energizes the body, refreshes the mind, uplifts the soul, and inspires positive living everyday.


"Only world finest botanic ingredients are granted the privilege to enter our sophisticated extracting processes and developed into Yugen unique opulent scents to help restore your positive halo against stressful everyday life."


Organic Inca Inchi Oil Harmoniously blend between glorious scents, formulated from world finest ingredients, with wealthy properties of Organic Inca Inchi Oil, an enrichment of Vitamin E which loaded in our products will revitalize you wholly. We are the pioneer in Thailand to use Organic Inca Inchi Oil within our skin care products.


We have been recognized for applying worldly know-how and cutting-edge innovation to our manufacturing. In this respect, we ensure toestablish products quality and safety certifications;
- ISO 9001:2008
- Good Manufacturing Practice(GMP)

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